I am an art student at the University of North Texas with many artistic passions. I spent many years focusing on music, with early plans to be a jazz singer, until later deciding to switch her focus to the visual arts. Currently pursuing a minor in music, I intend to continue to sharpen my musical skills and create music as well as art. I spent a year living in China, and have visited many parts of the world, taking pictures along the way. It was through traveling that I gained her passion for photography, and this passion has grown into much more than travel photography. I have recently begun studying metalsmithing and jewelry; and I have fallen in love with working with metal and gemstones. I intend to hone my jewelry making skills in the future and continue growing in this area. My biggest artistic influences have been my hometown and artistic hub, Denton, TX, the humbling beauty of cultures that I have had the privilege of visiting, the colors and shapes created by artists such as Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Marina Fini, and Mariano Peccinetti.

With growing interests in photography, music, jewelry, and other arts, this website is to serve as a documentation of my progress in these areas and a portfolio of what I create during the process.


Contact me by email to set up a shoot. I am available for portraits (senior portraits,  graduation, modeling) as well as events. Commissions are open for jewelry pieces as well.

email: em.creations.business@gmail.com

instagram: @epic_em_creations